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{UAH} Kampala Has The Highest Number Of Prostitutes In Uganda

Kampala Has The Highest Number Of Prostitutes In Uganda

A new report indicates that Kampala is King when it comes to the number of prostitutes working in the area.

Kampala Prostitutes

The Kampala region has more than 29,000 active sex workers. Not only is the number shocking, but what some of the sex workers think about sex is nearly as unbelievable.

The report reveals the level of misconceptions surrounding HIV/AIDS and how it is transmitted. Up to 23% of prostitutes don't believe that HIV can be transmitted through unprotected anal sex. Almost four out of ten sex workers think that abstaining from sex would not protect them from contracting the HIV virus.

Here are some shocking numbers about sex workers in Uganda, shown in the chart below.

An initiative to attempt to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS among Ugandan prostitutes has been undertaken.

Dan Okoro, an HIV/AIDS worker with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) told the Daily Nation about the relationship between new sex workers and new HIV infections"Nearly 30 per cent of new infections are among female sex workers and their reproductive health needs are unmet because their work is stigmatized. This is a hidden population that many of us 'love to hate' but can greatly determine our fate."

Uganda has an international reputation as one of the biggest sex tourism destinations in the world.

The trade has begun to affect children, with many underage kids being brought into the sex trade. One 2014 report from the BBC indicates that children as young as 12 are frequently involved in prostitution, particularly in Uganda.

The clients of many of the children within the Kampala and the neighboring areas are often men between 27 to50 years in age. Police in the area have claimed that they are cracking down on the illegal practice of child prostitution.

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