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{UAH} Kenyan Elections

Moses Nekyon/ Edmund/. Edward p'Ojim, Simon Peter Okurut,

I am following the kenyan election debacle, and my Kenyan friends there are so gloomy. here is a taster and my rejoinder.


Raila should just concede and leave Kenyans to their own devices. If I was him, I would wash my hands of Kenya. Majority of Kenyans have said they don't want their rents reduced, they don't want free secondary education in September, they don't want 45% of national budget to go to their counties, they don't want someone who can fight corruption, they don't care if their money is carried in gunias, they don't want universal health care, they don't want single mothers to be as...sisted, they don't want to be like South Korea or Singapore which was railas vision for Kenya. Majority of Kenyans have said they want life to continue the way it did in the last five years where 70% believed the country was heading in the wrong direction and they have voted for it to continue heading in the wrong direction. This decision must be respected for if a pig insists on swimming in a sewer, let it do so. Yes, mutoko, rush to work since you are one of the lucky few Kenyans with jobs. As for you jobless Kenyans, continue waiting for the 6.5 million jobs uhuru promised you and more tumetenga mabillioni tales. Wish you all the best for the choices you made. Raila, totally forget about Kenyans. Spend your time touring the world and enjoying your wealth. Life is short. Don't waste it fighting for people who have said they want to remain in their current status.

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Auma Okach
Auma Okach but.. a real man doesn't just go under just easily like that...
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Nakoli Omwodo
Nakoli Omwodo Its beyond him really...
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Sakami Khetwas
Sakami Khetwas Sure mama you have spoken well. Yani I can't imagine you can que for 3hrs and make such a choice
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James Mavisi
James Mavisi A leadership is a reflection of its people
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Cleo Rosh
Cleo Rosh Kunywa moja hapo... coming to pay 💰👏👏
George Okello Nakoli Omwodo, society can not be changed in a day, a year, a generation or even in a lifetime. Change is a continous and never ending process. One makes a contribution and passes on the baton to others. Raila has played his role- and glory be to him, but the struggle must continue. We in Uganda are engaged in a life and death struggle to end the Rwandan occupation of our country. We are never going to give up struggling to remove the Rwandan outlaw kayibanda Museveni from power in country. and liberate our people, even if it takes 50 years or more. No we will not. If I dont personally succeed, others will pick up the baton and continue with the struggle. We are going to reach the promised land, and so will Kenyans.

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