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{UAH} Life as a conductor in Kampala

By Kakwenza Rukirabashaija.

A scrawny school going boy in his tattered white canvas shoes and dirty oversize jeans screaming incessantly;

Wandegeya, Kamwokya, Ntinda, Nakawa.
Wandegeya Kamwokya Ntinda Nakawa..... XX

Sweating, panting like hungry dog, spit forming at the corners of his wide voluble dry mouth as if he is suffering from leprosy.

Wandegeya Kamwokya Ntinda Nakawa....XXX

The swarms of humanity plod from streets into the Taxi, the boy shuts up and taxi pulls off. His counterparts, equally deshevelled sallyforth and sing the same as throngs of people get into their parked taxis.

Those are Kampala central taxi conductors, the power in their throats is like that of a blood hungry demon. I wonder at the power of their lungs!

May God bless their efforts.

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