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{UAH} Man critically hurt in apparent terror stabbing in Yavneh

Frank Mujabi/Afuwa Kasule/Mayimuna/Gwokto/Edward Irundrua,

This terrorist attack happened about 4 hours ago in Israel. You can see in it a  man launching a brutal knife attack on a shopper or worker in a supermarket. It is really horrific. The only positive thing you can take from this gory video is the determination of the victim to fight back and defend himself. In London, many people were killed because they refused or were too frightened to fight back. Fortunately, the terrorist was captured alive.



Breaking: Israeli man seriously injured in stabbing attack at Yavne supermarket. The terrorist was apprehended:


Man critically hurt in apparent terror stabbing in Yavneh

The Times of Israel-2 hours ago
Man critically hurt in apparent terror stabbing in Yavneh ... During the attack, someone in the supermarket apparently tried to use pepper spray ...

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