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{UAH} Mubende court denies Ntege bail

Mubende court denies Ntege bail

Ntege William appearing in Mubende court today
Ntege William appearing in Mubende court today
Anti constitution Amendment activist William Ntege Kyumakyayesu has been remanded to Mubende prison until 9th August 2017, when his case will come for mentioning.
 Mubende Chief magistrate H.W Agio ruled in favour of an application by the resident Senior state Attorney Richard Bilivunuka who objected to a prayer Ntege's Lawyer Moses Kabusu and Gawaya Tegule to have their client granted bail.
 Prosecution alleges that while at the Kabaka's coronation celebrations Ntege William assaulted MP, Semoe Nsubuga a leading pro- constitution amendment legislator.
The magistrate refused to grant bail quoting section 77 2[d] of the magistrates court act saying Ntege can't be given bail because he is not a resident within the area without substantive sureties.
Ntege William meeting opposition team earlier in the day. He was in jovial mood and appeared unworried
Sheik Sinani Kaggwa the Mubende district FDC chairman and Mubende district DP and FDC leaders were in court to stand sureties for Ntege.
Without giving chance to the defence to present local sureties, the judge told Ntege and his lawyers Gawaya Tegule and Moses Kabuusu to apply for bail from a high court.
The lawyers and the contingent moved to Mubende high court where court registrar told
Ntege William meeting opposition team earlier in the day
Ntege William meeting opposition team earlier in the day
them that the resident judge Justice Mulangira is away for vacation until 15th August.
Present in Mubende court were: Former Mukambwe Lukonge [DP Mityana municipality MP candidate] Mutumba Fred Wotonova [Mityana central division chairperson]
Wasswa Charles Lugumayo [UYD chairperson], Activist Moses Bigirwa, Labson Kijjambu, the entire DP/FDC leaders in Mubende district were present among others
Opposition members at court

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