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There was a time when Baganda regarded themselves as natural leaders.
Then came the northerners. These people could sacrifice one of their
own for themselves.
Some of our friends from South West have caught the disease.
They started fighting President Yoweri Museveni. He is not for South
West alone but the whole of Uganda.
They have plotted more than once to get him out either in what would
call palace coups or uprisings, even assassinations, but all could not
be successful because of the popular support the President enjoys
across the country.
Have you ever heard of how Ahmed Seguya, the first NRA Army Commander
was poisoned, when the President was in Libya in 1981 and how the
second Army Commander, Magara, claimed to be a royalty from Ankole and
hence the natural leader of the strugle before he was killed by
government forces?
Hadn't Baganda like Maj. Roland Kakooza Mutale and Banyarwanda like
the late Maj. Gen. Fred Rwigyema stood with Museveni, the war would
not have been won successfully.
Natural leaders wanted to be declared Presidents as early as 1981 even
before the five year bush war had been sparked off.
Remember how Prof.Tarsis Kabwegyere, Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu and
Yonasani Kanyomozi each wanted to be a President of UPM and its
presidential candidate in 1980. When the founder Secretary General,
Jabberi Bidandi Ssali declared that the position of President was ring
fenced for Founder Chairperson Yoweri K. Museveni, the three stormed
out of UPM, Kabwegyere going to DP and Kamuntu and Kanyomozi returning
to UPC. They are all shamelessly back in NRM.
As the NRC and Army Council sat in Lubiri barracks to choose a
successor for the late Yusuf Lule who had died in London in January
1985, Eriya Kategaya wanted to be named President saying that YK
Museveni was more conversant with military and for him he was more
conversant with politics. He was not alone. Even David Sejusa wanted
to be named President saying that YK Museveni had been in Sweden and
for them they had been sweating in the bush.
It took the courage of Haji Moses Kigongo, Fred Rwigyema and Jim
Muhwezi to persuade the two and others like Dr.Samson Kisekka, who
regarded himself as the natural successor of Prof. Lule to stood down
in favor of Museveni.
Then we saw the rise of Kizza Besigye, John Kazzora, Amanya Mushega, ,
Winnie Byanyima among others.
Of late, we saw Amama Mbabazi and wife.
That is why the likes of Israel Mayengo, a UPM Vice President for
Central Region in 1980, thought of a rotating presidency so that areas
that have never produced a President, like Eastern Uganda, or those
that produced ceremonial presidents, like Central Uganda, could also
have a chance.
Some people even goes federal ,for the same. So what should be done is
to allow the elderly statesman to complete his task of transformation
and then smoothly hands over power to a legitimate successor no mater
his region of origin. We don't have natural leaders, our leaders are
not born but made in accordance with the circumstances.

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