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{UAH} New Members and Amendments

I have read Dr Kawuma's emails claiming that UNAA's Secretary, Peter Mukunua, had paid for voters and was asking more voters to come to him.  In one of the emails, adds that UNAA's Secretary is also the person tasked with compiling the list of voters sent to the EC.  
Last week, I also mentioned that I had heard about such claims of candidates paying for members.  
Two weeks ago, I pointed out that under UNAA's constitution, new members are not allowed to vote this year. The Constitution clearly provides that membership privileges begin the next year.  But as Mr pointed in response to my comments, attempts are underway (led by Mr Wakou) to amend the Constitution to remove that provision.  
Mr Gerald Mutyaba wrote an open email posted on this forum and informed Mr Wakou that the Constitution cannot be amended at the convention in Miami because those amendments had not been given to members at last meeting.  Mr Mutyaba correctly noted that there was no quorum to start an AGM in Boston last year.  I know that there was no quorum because I was at that room when the alleged AGM started and I informed the Chairman of the Board that we did not have quorum to start a meeting.  The Chairman noted my protest but decided to ignore information.  I made a video recording of the whole thing and I shared it with many of you.  I still have that video recording. 
To be clear, the last AGM was in Dallas in 2013 and we were not presented the proposed amendments.  Therefore, under Massachusetts law, the proposed amendments are illegal.

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