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{UAH} No removal of age limit..please.togikwatako

Dear fellow Ugandans

I have totally failed to sleep just thinking about how the NRM vampires are busy witking day and night on how to remove the age limit in the constitution to make M7 tule for life. 

First of all i have concerns...why our taxes are being misued with a regime that cares less. 

During the CA our taxes were used to faciliate them they collected all our views which fomulated the constitution despite other thoughts were embaded in without consultation. 

We paid for this constitution to be in place. Why is the NRM to day wanting to comeback again to change what we agreed upon. ...

I hear they want to hold consultations with people then have a referundum ove the age limit.

Who does not know the level of riging and thefty within the NRM regim 

A good example is 2016 elections...Besigye M7 got guns and took over and declared himself a president. 

So how will M7 accept the outcome from the referundum if it does not favour him ...will he hand over power anyway when his threatening that those who are talking about the age limit when he responds they wont like it...

The truth is to M7 welcomed so many foreigners who are registered as ugandans. Their role is to vote in favour of M7 itrespective of what the misary true ugandans are going through.. 

That is why they are insiting to go through a referundum to take Uganda back to 1986/7/8....

who choses those who are going to conduct the referundum

Who controls the judiciary..the parliament...

If we had a working Parliament this wuestion.of age limit would never have surfaced because they have all powerd to say no and to protect the people of uganda and wod have completely sorted this by not leting the M7 man even think of touching the constitution. 

But M7 knows that all MPs are under his arms because they feed from him with his bribes...then they do all he wants. Thus a few MP can question him but the majirity are NRM members who came unto parliament through bribung peasants. 

To me i dont think its right for M7 to change the constitution in his favour. His old he has to retire. Even is his intellgent we are not interested. His intelligence has not been used to enrich uganda apart from himself. To day we see
1. Poor education system and poor schools in place 
2.Poor healthcare in all parts of the country
3.Poor road contructions...traffic jam like in kla is not even duscussed about anymore
4.Poor judicial systems due to lersonal appoitments by Sebagabe
5.Land grabbing rampant...
8.Lack of political.leadership now we are being led by MPs with no vision nor focus
9.Destruction of environment...all wetlands gone inducing climatic change affecting famers
10.We see his son who has never and did not join the army through proper channels lined up as the next president...

This is not acceptable we wont give up. 

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