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{UAH} Notorious “White Widow” Wants To Return To Britain After Becoming Disillusioned With Islamic State Jihad

Frank Mujabi,/ Afuwa Kasule/ Mayimuna/Edward Irundrua

Should Sally Jones Be Allowed Back to The UK? Sally Is One Of The Most  wanted female terrorists in the world. She is suspected to have participated in the Nairobi  Westgate Mall  bombings in 2013, a terrorist attack which Edward Irundrua blamed on President Barack Obama. despite Obama having never met Sally Jones in the whole of his life.


Notorious "White Widow" Wants To Return To Britain After Becoming Disillusioned With Islamic State Jihad. Do You Support Her? Yes or No?

Notorious Jihadist Sally Jones, dubbed the "White Widow" after losing her jihadist husband in a jihad battle in Syria is set to return to Britain after revealing that she has become disillusioned with the jihadi lifestyle under the Islamic State.

Sally Jones left Britain in 2013 with her husband Junaid Hussain a top radicaliser and recruiter for Islamic State and went to fight in Syria where her husband steadily climbed through the ranks to become one of Islamic State's chief executioners. Sally Jones too rose through the ranks becoming a specialist in guerrilla tactics, evasion and eventually a trainer of female recruits.

Her husband was killed during a jihad battle in 2015 and that is the time she acquired the title of "white widow". Some intelligence reports suggest that the White widow at one point became an International jihadist, travelling to fight in Kenya and Somalia.

When Somali Jihadists bombed Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, CCTV pictures of a woman similar in appearance to Sally Jones were widely circulated and many security agencies still believe she was the one involved in the Westgate bombing.

Currently however, she wants to return to Britain and is seeking legal representation beforehand. She is exploring if she can get legal aid to help her or if she can set up a GoFundme page to help her collect enough money to help her with her legal situation and also her air fare and expenses.

She also has a 12 year old son who is a Jihadist and was filmed firing a Kalashanikov rifle in an Islamic State propaganda video that was posted online. Her teenage son does not want to return and prefers life under Islamic State.

Sally Jones has already contacted a few lawyers who will help her return to Britain and reclaim her benefits and council flat. She says that she is disillusioned with Islamic State and desperately wants to return to her country, friends and family.

Her lawyers will argue that she was brainwashed and therefore cannot be blamed for joining Islamic State. They will also argue that she get back all her benefits that she used to get previously.

Do you support the white widow? yes or No?


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