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{UAH} onald Trump likely to resign before Congress can impeach him, says senior Democrat

Something is not right. Sentiments based on political affiliation aside or even arguing for the sake of being the other side of an argument or trying to prove something...either way  something has been rotten underneath and has suddenly come to the fore(thanks to DT), or the American society is under going an NRM fundamental change "the vision" courtesy of Sir DT. It's never going to be the same.!
DT has brought out the other side of the real American Yankee. i.e getting a GED, marrying, join the forces...become a veteran and after which look for a job...violaaaa life is complete. Here comes Frank with an MBA or some special skill or even as an immigrant get school loans, go to school ALL THE think an employee will give it to a high drop out? 
DT has a real base who unfortunately are living in the past. For one in Pennsylvania or West Virgina to think that DT will bring back to life coal mines? In the day and age? Eh eh eh eh nganyee! Apaana!!!!

 Tom Batchelor,The Independent 10 hours ago 

*A positive mind is a courageous mind, without doubts and fears, using the experience and wisdom to give the best of him/herself.
 We must dare invent the future!
The only way of limiting the usurpation of power by
 individuals, the military or otherwise, is to put the people in charge  - Capt. Thomas. Sankara {RIP} '1949-1987

*"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent
revolution inevitable"**…  *J.F Kennedy


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