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A lot has been said in the media, how these political generals
threaten to stage an army coup d'etat similar to what Tito Okello
Lutwa and Bazilio Olara Okello staged on Saturday July 27th 1985.
These generals claim that they want to save the situation from getting
from bad to worse, just like Idi Amin Dada claimed in 1971.
Yet these generals of our, many of them are more political than
military. If we look into the the details of the struggle, some never
commanded any battle leave alone fighting. They would always cry that
"enda ya nshaasha.." whenever there was a roll call.
But after seizing state power, they rushed to share lucrative
positions and government and the army. Thanks for coming from right
Many of these even failed to finish insurgency in the north and only
multiplied ghost soldiers and had not been their other connections,
they would have now been languishing in Luzira Prisons. Thank to the
magnanimity of the President, they are still live and kicking.
But their reckless life, has caused them long term sickness and in a
strict government and army, they would have been retrenched. But they
were tolerated in the main stream, so that they can earn a living.
Those are the generals that make a lot of shouts, threatening war and the likes!
That is why they get humiliated but they learn little. The last one
was Maj.General Kahinda Otafiire at Namboole. People have lost trust
in them and their only salvation is good conduct, discipline, loyalty
and obedience to the fountain of honor.
They started blackmailing the President as early as 1986 or even
before. People that wanted to President so that Mzee remains
Chairperson of High Command as Kampala was captured before the late
Lule was succeeded. Then fabricating treason cases against their
colleagues real and imaginary enemies of NRM/NRA so that the President
could loose support in Central Region, but it failed. Then they
started preparing for 2006 as a magic year, and some started not only
supported Paul Ssemogerere in 1996, who was in an alliance with Obote
and UPC, but in 2001 stood on their own. That is Kizza Besigye and
Winnie Byanyima being supported by the likes of Amanya Mushega,
Kahinda Otafiire and others.
Our so called generals, tired as they are, cannot even disarm crime
preventers, and they threaten with a coup not knowing that they may go
with it in its duration or immediately after. Do they know what
Rawlings did to tired generals both military and political? Do they
know what Ironsi did to those in Nigeria? Even here at home how many
perished in 1971 and after? Let them retire and join politics,
business and go farming.
Mzees successor will come from young cadres but not his age-mates like
the case in Egypt that caused 2011 revolution.

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