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{UAH} President Museveni - There is something wrong very with your Gov't!

Mr President

Really - how on earth could whole government machinery fail to develop
an industrial park?
Isn't it a shame first class and a sign of total lack of knowledge and

A small county in East Asia Vietnam - I am told by my son who is an
Engineering consultant what those people have done despite being so
poor. The boy chose Vietnam rather coming to Uganda - it is heart

I have to tell you the truth - no international business will have
serious investment in this country unless we change our ways.

Just look at Entebbe Municipality where you have your official
residence and the Kampala City. What is wrong with Africa and


Mr Nicholas Byengoma, of Nicontra Uganda Limited said he got
interested in investing in the business park because he hoped he would
get a serviced plot.
This meant the plot would get a road, electricity and waste management system.
However, he said during the scramble for plots, he unfortunately ended
up with a wetland but has since failed to develop it because he needs
up to Shs800m to fill up the swamp.

Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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