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No sooner has Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire announced a Constitutional
Review Commission than all Ugandans from all local governments in
Uganda, come out and give your views on the amendment of the the
Those who want a return to a Movement system, you shall be free, those
who want adjustments in the multi party dispensation, you shall all be
Those who want to retain a unitary form of government, you shall do,
then those for a federal form of government will also do.
There will be those for return to presidential term limits, please do
so, then those who want to retain or remove age limits should all
submit their views.
The constitution making exercise should not be a monopoly of a few
elites in offices who gather in conferences in hotels, but the masses,
the people.
So don't listen to those who do not want to amend the constitution. We
should not be all rigid.
We should all submit our views and later rainstorm about them and forge ahead.
That is the real democracy.
Those who want to be endorsed heirs or successors to President
Museveni should know that this is not a monarchy but a republic.
The President must be directly elected by the people notr by
parliament sitting as an electoral college, or by a political party or
a coalition of political parties.
That the popular democracy we have been experimenting right from
Resistance Council/Committees starting with liberated areas i 1983.
So the Historicals and NRA veterans that want to be imposed on the
people by virtue of having participated in the struggle or as natural
leaders, will not arise.
Dreams for coups are very remote, free and fair regular elections
every after five years, is a good path as we improve on our electoral
system ad laws day by day.

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