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{UAH} The Supreme court hearing has ended.


The Reports ordered for by the Court on forms 34As, 34Bs and 34C and servers as usual were commented on differently.  Senator James Aggrey Orengo for the petitioners said the procedures were not followed. He cited 5 constituencies but did not name them. For example, three in Mombasa, he claimed the CROs did not sign the forms although in all three party agents including ODM- agents signed the forms. These were Nyali, Kisauni, and Likoni where the petitioner RAO got more votes than the 3rd respondents.

Mr. Paul Kibugu Muite for IEBC and its Chairman commented that the two reports one on severs and the second on forms 34As, 34Bs and 34C support their submission because there were no variances in the total  votes captured in forms 34Bs with that contained in forms 34As.   And that the report is in agreement with the total votes tabulated by the Chairman of the IEBC. Thus, the 3rd respondent was validly elected.

Mr. Muite submitted that the IEBC servers that are managed by the American giant firm, ATT could not be penetrated or hacked in. Indeed the report on IT noted there was no hacking because the system was secured properly. Mute asked the court to dismiss the petition with costs.


Mr. Fred Ngatia for President Uhuru Kenyatta commented that the two reports fortify their position that the election capture the will of the Kenyan voters.  He also submitted that there was no contest over the numbers of votes garnered by each presidential candidate. But rather technicalities.  He submitted that the petition should be dismissed.


However, there was some drama when Orengo tried to introduce 3 reports prepared by their IT team following after receipt of the two reports from the Court supervised exercise.  Muite and Ngatia protested and asked the court to reject the three reports because they were introducing new evidence. The Court agreed because it had ordered the lawyers to only comment on the two court reports. Orengo was told to take back his documents.

Atiende Omollo and Pheroze Nowrojee's replies today did not help NASA's case.



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