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{UAH} Think this two weeks old speech is still relevant today

Think this two weeks old speech is still relevant today .

Jambo my fellow great countrymen and women.
In catholic faith we believe a good wish is a silent pray .Let me take this opportunity to wish members in this year general elections success as you enter in the homestretch .

The fact your team leader whether for minority or the majority in the race your winner in your own way . Elections are not matter of life and death . Have big heart to accept defeat and wish others success in case you loose . If you win be kind to appreciate your comrades in the race and invite them to work together in adding value to your country economy . When a candidate loose elections don't be quick to write them off . What is naturally in them if they are self driven and not projects or political opportunist they can still lead with no titles .

This general elections very potential leaders will loose elections because of finance challenges and poor resources mobilization which will affect team work ,publicity strategies and intelligence gathering .

In this forum I can see several political candidates for different political office from across political divide . Hon Florence Kayuyu.
Hon Gitobu Imanyara ,Senator Kiraitu Deputy Governor Titus Ntochiu ,Hon Kilemi Mwiria ,Hon Mpuru Aburi ,HonEntrepreneur
,Hon Kubai Kiringo ,Mweshimiwa Mithika Mzalendo, Wakili Kurauka ,MCA's candidates present.

Families and close associates of these forum members we wish you all the best . If you cannot convince some of us here to support you please understand politics is about interest and experience nothing personal .In politics no permanent enemies or friends only interest are permanent . Members vote issues and support your team with money ,network, ideas ,information or prayers at least your able in one of the above .2017 general election is one of the most expensive election in history of Kenya .The voter as also become very gullible (rare type of money appetite ) After meeting " mweshimiwa tuthanie kanyamo""bietu " unique name for handouts. Mmmmh !

Leadership is your behaviour.

God bless you all great people . Twikimwe .Tuko pamoja .

Martin Mukenya.
Social Entrepreneur

Allaah gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him."And if Allah touches you with harm, none can remove it but He, and if He touches you with good, then He is Able to do all things." (6:17)

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