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{UAH} Toronto talks opioid deaths, and prevention strategies

Toronto talks opioid deaths, and prevention strategies

Toronto Mayor John Tory called public-safety and health officials to his office Thursday for a meeting about a spate of deaths linked to tainted street drugs nearly a week after the city's police issued a public-safety alert about the deaths.

Six people have died from suspected overdoses and dozens more have had non-fatal incidents since last Thursday in one of Toronto's most significant clusters of drug fatalities since fentanyl and other illicit opioids appeared on the city's streets. After the meeting, Mr. Tory said he will now be taking more action to combat the potentially fatal drugs, including asking some officers to carry a life-saving antidote to fentanyl.

Public-health officials across the country have warned for months that authorities in Toronto should be prepared for the appearance of powerful illicit painkillers that have killed thousands of Canadians over the past two years. The deaths, starting in Alberta and British Columbia, have moved east across the prairies as potent opioids have been inexpertly mixed with street drugs, yielding lethal cocktails.

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