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{UAH} Ugandans in USA Demonstrate Against Trump’s Cruel Immigration Orders

Ugandans in USA Demonstrate Against Trump's Cruel Immigration Orders

By John Nanyumba

Many of Ugandans living in the United States of America (USA) have started facing the negative lashes of President Donald Trump's harsh immigration policies.

Ever since the fierce trump introduced harsh immigration policies, these Ugandans have since then lived in great fear, afraid of being deported back home- despite many having lived there for so many years.

One of the affected persons, Hadijah Nassozi told Red Pepper that already, some people are already stranded because they fled Uganda for various reasons to seek refuge in USA and these are afraid for their safety to be returned to a place they are supposed to call home.

A close pal to Nassozi who preferred anonymity noted that there have been unexplained arrests of political and human rights activists back home whom he claimed many are innocent. The source adds that those who ran to USA to seek for refuge now live on tenterhooks for fear of what may follow when they return home.

It should be noted that according to Trump's orders, whoever is found to be an illegal immigrants must be deported without any excuses.

Reports indicate that different people have been detained, imprisoned and deported by immigration authorities since Trump's policies started.

Red Pepper exclusively learnt that different U.S based Ugandan community groups, radio stations, women associations and churches in California, Boston, Texas have held information conferences to educate their own about illegal immigrants' rights. American lawyers have offered their support and legal guidance.  Rallies behind the detained ones in prison are held and financial support mobilized for legal fees.

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