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The petition being circulated by Ugandans in diaspora community calling upon the UN to overthrow the Ugandan government, is the cheapest and most bogus shot that has ever been put out against the government. Not even a primary 4 kid in Uganda can surely reason that way. The UN was never created to overthrow governments but to stop wars between warring nations, as well as creating and maintaining peace. I would be really interested in knowing the background of the person creating such a shameful petition, which demonstrate how empty headed the so-called Ugandan elite is. And for UAH to be the pipeline for driving this kind of useless petition shows how low this forum has sunk. It is time to remind the Ugandans in diaspora, that it is responsible for the destruction of lives and properties in Uganda dating back to 1971 to date.


Very bogus plans and theories were cooked in Tanzania which ended up tripling the suffering of innocent citizens since 1979. It is very unreasonable to call upon the international community to back such silly cause which has no purpose. The international community gave so much support to get rid of Amin, because you lied to it that he was Uganda's problem, when in fact you were the very ones who were the problem. The international community learned from that pile of lies, that is why it has supported and kept Museveni in power for this long, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. The international community has looked around for an alternative leadership and found none and decided to settle with Museveni sticking to the thinking of "Better the devil you know" or "One bird at hand is better than two in the bush.


To conclude, please stop circulating this kind of stupid petition, we have already made enough fools of ourselves to the international community, we do not need any more.


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"With Yoweri Museveni, Ssabassajja and Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Uganda is in anarchy"
Kuungana Mulindwa Mawasiliano Kikundi
"Pamoja na Yoweri Museveni, Ssabassajja na Dk. Kiiza Besigye, Uganda ni katika machafuko"


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