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Brig Muhoozi Passes Out Counter Terrorism Commando Squad

Brig. Gen. Bolduc (left) takes a walk with Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba at Sera Kasenyi on Friday afternoon
By: Kim Aine

An elite unit from the UPDF Special Forces Command completed an arduous one year pre-mission counter-terrorism training program on Friday that was conducted by the US Navy Seals, Chimp Corps report.

The graduation at Sera Kasenyi Special Forces Training School near Entebbe involved a commando force which officials said has seen a lot of operational duty.

The specialised force will augment, through special operations, the work of other regular African Union Mission troops deployed in Somalia to combat Al Shabaab, the terrorist organization that is based in that horn of Africa nation.

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The Commander of the UPDF Special Forces, Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, presided over the event.

He was joined by his counterpart from the US Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAFRICA), Brig. Gen. Bolduc and a team from US Special Forces Seal Team Ten that conducted the training program.

"I congratulate you for successfully completing the training program. Our forces have achieved a lot in the mission area ever since the inception of the joint combined exchange training (JCET) program with our close partners from the United States, however, we should not rest on our laurels," said Brig. Muhoozi to the visibly animated soldiers.

SFC Commandos, US Navy Seals from Team Ten, Brig. Gen. Bolduc and SFC Commander Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

"We should be vigilant and alert because the enemy is constantly evolving his methods and techniques."

Brig. Muhoozi also hailed the strong military partnership between Uganda and the US, which he observed had now spanned over a decade.

The UPDF Special Forces Chief hastened to add that this had contributed to enhanced regional security through the containment of negative forces in ungoverned spaces such as south-central Somalia, the eastern DRC, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic.

The training program involved close quarters combat, sniper training, and combat casualty care.

The U.S Special Forces training team praised the enthusiasm and determination of the UPDF Special Forces troops and praised the relationship between the two countries.

"We understand the seriousness of the common enemy we face. This Al-Shabaab enemy wants nothing more than to harm our families and friends, attack our way of life and take away the freedoms that we possess," said Brig. Gen. Bolduc in a communique.

Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba (left), hands over a gift (plaque) to Brig. Gen. Bolduc at Sera Kasenyi SFC training school on August 7

"It is our job to make sure this never happens. We who wear military uniforms are the ones who stand in the way of Al-Shabaab; we are the ones who prevent them from achieving their goals and must therefore take the fight to them and deny them any safe havens."

Special Forces is a specialized component of the Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF) tasked with carrying out specialized missions or operations at a moment's notice.

The SFC while conducting its operations coordinates closely with the two main arms or services of the UPDF, that is, the Land Forces and the Air Forces.

Baker Mayambala's photo.
Baker Mayambala's photo.

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