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I have a very complicated issue I need to raise tonight, the issue of becoming Over Dozed. It is a very tough discussion for it is held in different ways by different people. There are those as George Okello that laugh in public forums about “Mind-benders” The speed at which we are losing people in this city and Vancouver is simply mind bugling that I need to raise the dark side that many of you with perfect lives, actually do not care about. Over doze is killing our children for it is harvesting the 20 and under, at a very unbelievable speed, so I need to address those that are on illicit drugs. I am not here to preach to you that you should not take illicit drugs, The Gorge Okello’s have already turned you into an imbecile, and they know that they are winning the war on drug use. I am only here to educate you on the other side, the George Okello’s are not allowing you to know.


Here are the facts.


1} When you reach a point of taking illicit drugs it means that Weed or crack is simply no longer doing it for you. Understand that the drugs you are about to put into your body, unless prescribed by a medical practitioner, they are made off a street, and under systems that are not controlled. Forget everything you will read in this E-mail but do not forget that sentence. So you are understanding that what you are about to put in your body, has not been regulated by a professional practitioner, and it can easily be half poisonous, and it can kill you very instantly.


2} If based on number one above, you still believe that you must put this poison in your body, make sure you are not alone in the house, make sure someone in the house knows that you are going to put this stuff in your body, and that individual must know that as soon as you show signs of collapsing or over dozing, an ambulance must be called immediately. Make that arrangement when you are still sober and before you put that stuff inside your body. Also consider the distance and traffic situation in your area, between the ambulance center to your domicile, for when you O’D time is critical.


3} If you are two people in a home, yourself with your friend, yourself with your lover, DO NOT and I reaped DO NOT take it both of you same time. This is a very serious matter that you need to listen to and very carefully. We have got a whole  enough of friends dying for both took it same time, both O’Ded same time, and no one calls for an ambulance and both die. Do your thing one at a time. If one is O’Ded the other calls the ambulance, and the other way around. All I am trying to put across here, is that in a residence, where you are doing it and for God’s grace I do not care where, there must be a sober person at every single time it is used. And I do not care if you are 15 people in a home or 20, all I need is one individual with a capability to reach authority to come after ya.


4} If you live in TCHC, there are those of us that have pushed for tenant representatives on buildings to be trained in using the ante-dote, for it is available. Representatives that have been trained and passed, have a supply of that antidote in their homes. If you are a user, talk to your resident representative and ask if he/she is trained to use the anti-dote, and if he/she has the dosage at his/her home. If he/she has it keep the contact number and give it to whoever is watching over you before you start. Call the representative before  you call the ambulance. If your representative is not trained, demand that he/she becomes trained, and make that training mandatory in becoming a resident representative. It simply makes sense.


Friends we are losing way too many people on over dose for we are following the book George Okello wrote, let us kindly try the other side for when it reaches the numbers we are losing on O’D in the city, it becomes every one’s beeswax. This is not Toronto, This is not normal and this needs to stop and today.


We need a very clear, a very mandatory but very candid discussion, about Over Dose for it is taking real people, with real families and real lives.



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