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{UAH} Who is reponsible for the creation of jobs in a society?

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Every now and then I find myself either engaged or listening in on a discussion that perks my interest.  In one such instance, I listened to a discussion on radio about how the US and Michigan State Governments abandoned Detroit and knowingly caused the (still-current) high unemployment rate.

This got me thinking about unemployment in many parts of Africa.  It has been reported that as many as 50% of young people graduating from Universities in some countries are unable to find a job in their chosen fields of study.  I have read somewhere of Makerere University graduates driving Boda Bodas to survive.

So what is government's role and responsibility in the creation of jobs?  With specific reference to Uganda, is the government to blame for the high unemployment rates among University graduates?

Back in the 50's and 60's, the colonial powers in Uganda created UDC – the Uganda Development Corporation.  Here is an excerpt from the UDC website.

Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) is the development and investment arm of the Government of Uganda, with the mandate to promote and facilitate the industrial and economic development of Uganda.

The website lists several projects either currently under development or already completed.

So let me throw out these questions for general discussion. 

1.       Is the Government of Uganda principally responsible for the creation of employment in Uganda?

2.       If so, in what ways should it accomplish this?

3.       If not, then who is and why is the unemployment rate so high?

4.       Finally, how should countries like Uganda (and maybe cities like Detroit) address and resolve the issue of high unemployment in their jurisdictions?

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