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{UAH} YOUR HORROR, I OBJECT: 44 sex workers plead guilty, each fined Shs150,000

44 sex workers plead guilty, each fined Shs150,000


By Paul Adude

ENTEBBE-Entebbe Grade One Magistrate's Court has sentenced 43 women to three months imprisonment or a fine of Shs150, 000 each, after pleading guilty of being a public nuisance.

However, the convicts' relatives and friends who jammed the courtroom paid the fine to secure their freedom

A one Faridah Nansubuga, one of the suspects denied the charges and was remanded to Kigo Prison until August 18, when she would appear for the hearing of her case.

Court that was presided over by Ms Mastulah Mulondo heard that the sex workers were arrested on July 13 at about 11:30pm at Abayita Ababiri, near Entebbe, in an operation that was led by Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mr Besigye Male.

 Police were responding to a public outcry of a rising number of sex workers who operate in the area.

Prosecution told court that when police officers rounded up the women and tried to find out what they were doing outdoors at such odd hours, the women unleashed vulgar words at them to the extent of offering them sex as long as they (cops) were willing to pay.

Ms Mulondo advised the women to find means of earning decent income since they were able-bodied instead of engaging in illicit jobs like prostitution.

 "Your behaviour does not depict you as mothers of the nation. I advise you to seek counselling and rehabilitation from non-government organisations that have helped other women to quit prostitution," Ms Mulondo said.


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