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{UAH} Youth Criminality

I just been in a public libraryin Lewisham in south London, waiting for my daughter and all of a sudden an Asian chap says his lap top has disappeared. He was at a table just next to me, popped out to the toilet and returned less than 10 minutes to find it gone. All I saw were erere two black youths hanging around, but never paid any attention to them. They are the prime suspects. Now the Asian is really bad shape- he says he was writing  master's Dissertation and all his work is there in the lap top- he did not keep any back up. Really sad.

But the libary has CCTV and the police who came immediately the theft was reported say there is a chance they will cath the thieves.but who can guarantee this, and also the worlks stored in them?

We live in a sad world. The young men probably will sell it off on the streets within the next few minutes for just a few pounds to buy drugs.


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