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{UAH} Las Vegas shooter’s father was a bank robber — and on the FBI’s Most Wanted list

Stephen Paddock's father was rarely around.

Following the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, Eric Paddock said that he and his brother, the suspected Las Vegas gunman, did not see their father much during their childhood. Their dad, a bank robber and con man, was in and out of prison — and often on the run.

"We didn't grow up under his influence," Eric Paddock told reporters outside his home in Orlando on Monday.

"I was born on the run," he added, noting that "my dad was about to be arrested for robbing banks."

Benjamin Hoskins Paddock escaped from federal prison in 1969, earning a spot on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

He was described in the FBI's wanted poster as "psychopathic'' with suicidal tendencies. According to news accounts, he was not captured until 1978, when he was nabbed while running a bingo parlor in Oregon.

Officials confirmed that he was the father of Stephen Paddock, who authorities said opened fire from the window of a 32nd-floor hotel room overlooking a concert on the Las Vegas Strip, where 22,000 people had gathered for a three-day country music festival. At least 58 people were killed, including an off-duty police officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, authorities said. More than 500 others, including two on-duty officers, were injured.

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