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Dear fellow ugandans

I share with you my feeling that the govt has wasted alot of money over alot of thisngs and now they want to waste more on visiting constituencies on age limit..

This commit is just looking for money to eat nothing else. 

Already the NRM have the majority in parliament. 

It has already been clear that they have the army to kill and strungle anybody opposed to them.

They have already tuenished the image of uganda on a world map as a country under dectortoeship

Even if people say no M7 will use his SFC men to rule uganda. Like it or not M7 will do as he pleases but not what Ugandans want. 

The bill is already passed. He knows that Ugandans have had enough of him and his lies...they nolonger need him. They use money to capitlise on poor people and these poor people they torture them and they agree in fear to vote. 

M7 has the army which he uses as he please. 

Ugandan NRM MPs are the weakest in the world they do and M7 wants innorder to get money from M7 but fail to plan for the country. 

NRM MPs are so cheap in that u give they pass a bill of their interest but not the interest of the people. 

I call upon ugandans to reject them. They have been promised and given money so that they declare M7 to rule for life ao that they keep getting money from M7 while the contry goes in bin. 

NRM Mps have no interest in the countey apart from.being in good cars and houses while other ugandans die of starvation......

why should Magyezi proposal be first yet there we very critical issues at hand like drought which left many with no food and adge of death...but how Magyezi came about and prioritised over anything is unclear. 
.Surely NRM must think twice...or they will die in regrate. 

M7 must go and rest at Rwacutura. 

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