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{UAH} COULDN'T BE TRUE - Sudhir Ruparelia Is Dead

BREAKING NEWS: Ugandan Business Man Sudhir Ruparelia Is Dead
Sudhir Ruparelia is a Ugandan business magnate and investor. He is the chairman and majority shareholder in the companies of the Ruparelia Group and he has been reported dead.
Local media are waiting for official state announcement and as such the cause of his death is not known by a conversation among two people eavedropped by our correspondent has it that "he passed away in his sleep this morning".
Local media are tight-lipped on the circumstances behind the death of Sudhir Ruparelia.
The international media have expressed much concerns as information leaked to CNN-CHANNEL suggest that people in Uganda are very sad about this news.
Sudhir Ruparelia was rushed to the hospital whiles complaining about some heart disease this dawn so he was rushed to the hospital, the doctors were on him for like (four)4hrs did their possible best but couldn't make it. this is really a very sad news.
Though his demise came as a surprise because no one heard whether he was sick or was not feeling well all they heard today is that, he is no more and this is a very sad news. this really comes as a shock to everyone.
"we were told he wanted to have some rest and he didn't want any disturbances, he even asked his cook to get him a fruit juice to drink before he sleeps, they got him the juice and thought he was going to bed but didnt hear anything again. all they could hear was the alarm that sounds that something is wrong with Ruparelia. his guards quickly rushed him to the hospital and that was what happened. – our reporter commented.
Sudhir Ruparelia born 17 January 1956 was a Ugandan business magnate and investor. He was the chairman and majority shareholder in the companies of the Ruparelia Group. His investments was mainly in the areas of banking, insurance, education, broadcasting, real estate, floriculture, hotels, and resorts.
According to Forbes in 2015, he was the 27th wealthiest individual in Africa, with an estimated net worth of US$800 million.[3] On October 20, 2016, the Bank of Uganda, which regulates all banks in Uganda, took control of Crane Bank, the largest subsidiary of the Ruparelia Group, due to a significant decline in capital and potential run on the bank.[5]
A lot of personalities have started sending in their condolence messages to the family..
We will always miss you….


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