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Recipe: Brisket latkes for Hanukkah
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December 6, 2017
The Taste of My Grandfather's Youth

Esther Levy-Chehebar

How I learned to make 'foul medemes,' a fava bean-based dish he ate growing up in Cairo

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United States / Jacob Siegel and Angela Nagle

Digital Fascism: Anti-PC Idol-Smashing Isn't Just a Joke

Internet trolls, ritualized social-media cruelty, online cesspools, and their real-world political effects

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Music / Adam Schragin

White Supremacists Are Using Black Metal To Promote Hate

An investigation into 'Antichrist Kramer,' SSP Records, and other labels suggests a history of real-world violence and bigotry

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Food / Shannon Sarna

You Love Latkes. You Love Brisket. For Hanukkah, Put Your Two Loves Together.

Make a moist brisket, then shred it and add it to your potato pancakes. It's not what my grandmother used to make. It's better.

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Smallimage Popular Haredi Singer Covers Eyes with Electrical Tape Mid-Concert to Avoid Seeing Women Dance

And even his most fervently religious fans are outraged

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Smallimage The Best New Sufganiya Stuffing This Hannukah? Grilled Meat and Tahini.

Two iconic Jerusalem eateries come together to introduce a carnivorous delight this holiday season

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Smallimage BBC Star Leaves Top of the Pops After Making Controversial Comment About Jews

Reggie Yates stepped down after talking about "fat Jewish" managers controlling the music business

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