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{UAH} Rwomushana: Gen Katumba too worked with criminals

Former Internal Security Organisation [ISO] operative, Charles Rwomushana, says Gen Katumba Wamala too used criminals to enforce the law the same way Kale Kayihura is using Kifeesi and Boda Boda 2010.

Gen Katumba Wamala, the former UPDF Chief of Defence Force [CDF] is now the minister of state for works. He was replaced by Kayihura as he inspector general of police (IGP) in the early 2000s.

"During operation Wembley, the criminal was the one who was enforcing the law," Rwomushana said while appearing on NBS television recently.

According to Rwomushana, Katumba used criminals to enforce the law while Brigadier Elly Kayanja would tell the country that criminals were extra-judicially executing Ugandans.

Kayanja served as the Deputy Director of ISO, under the leadership of then Brigadier Henry Tumukunde. Kayanja replaced Tumukunde as Director of ISO in 2001.

While at ISO, he is credited with the successful supervision of Operation Wembly, a UPDF response to rampant crime and armed robberies.

Rwomushana says now police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, stood there helpless while Kifeesi leader, Paddy Serunjogi aka Sobbi, addressed a press conference before Christmas.

"What you see is an official policy. If there is anything in terms of insecurity against Museveni's interests, he will obliterate it."

When Sobbi was arrested after a public outcry, he spent only two days in prison only to be released and returned on the streets of Kampala.

Rwomushana recalled how police chief Kale Kayihura personally paraded a gang and he was directing that gang to confess that politicians were the ones killing people; initially.

"They had failed to bring Amama Mbabazi [former prime minister] to the scene,"  said the former head of political intelligence desk at State House.

Rwomushana says he rescued a man who was going to be burned by a criminal gang. They [kidnappers] demanded for a ransom of Shs700,000.

He paid them half and then took the police to the scene and arrested them. Later, they were released upon directives from Central Police Station [CPS].

The CPS DPC Aaron Baguma was later arrested for aiding in the killing of businesswoman, Donah Katushabe, only to be acquitted by the Director of Public Prosecutions [DPP] after his file went missing.

"I was also told that the police officers use these criminal gangs to get money from people," Rwomushana pointed out.

But Kayima says the problem lies with people who hold public opinion talking recklessly.

"You are not honest with yourselves. We shall ensure that justice is done and we shall inform Ugandans on all the steps being taken. When you focus your energy on finger pointing, you lose it — we are creating synergy to win together."

He said when officers were found to be beating people, they were even tried in courts and sentences were given internally.

"If there are mistakes, don't make blanket statements. We are popularising neighbourhood watch," he said, denying remarks that the Museveni regime had become like Idi Amin's military and police state.

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