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{UAH} Chinese tourist

Officers of the Kenyan Customs Services Department have arrested a Chinese tourist attempting to board a flight for Shanghai after finding a total of 510 genital organs from wildlife animals in his suitcases.
37-year old Ming Zhang Wei was arrested this morning at the Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi while carrying two suitcases full of animal penises.

The genital organs come from a variety of animals: 309 from zebras, 46 from baboons, 31 from buffalos, 27 from giraffes, 14 from lions and even 21 from pink flamingos.

A few penises were so badly preserved that their nature was impossible to identify.

Kenya Police Commissioner, Mathew Iteere, commented the case this morning, saying that more arrests could take place over the few days.

"We know that local poachers provide the Chinese black market with body parts from African wildlife. We hope this arrest could help us dismantle the entire network."
According to Commissioner Iteere, this criminal network could have smuggled over 50,000 organs over the last few years.

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