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{UAH} IN AGONY The former town clerk of Moyo and Paidah district Karim Akwonga

Edward Mo irundrua/ Anthony Middlemass Owana/ Ahmed kategera/ MU47

As regime insiders, will you rescue this poor soul please?

Ronald Okuonzi- what does lado have to say about this?


The former town clerk of Moyo and Paidah district Karim Akwonga is wallowing in agony after being beaten and tortured by some UPDF soldiers accusing him of encroaching on the land which some Army generals from Acholi region claim it belongs to them.
Akwanga says that the land belongs to him and that the generals want to grab it from him.
Akwonga is still detained at Anaka police station in Nwoya district and still in a state you can see him in, in the pictures bellow , instead of taking him to the hospital for treatment, they are preparing to take him to court.

Human Rights defenders , please rush and rescued this citizen.

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