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The legendary professor of languages at Makerere University,
Livingstone Walusimbi has passed on.
I always hear people praising General Service Unit of the sixties and
State Research Bureau of the seventies, as very effective intelligence
There is one area where all failed. Ekibiina ky'olulimi Oluganda
(Luganda Language Society) Luganda syllabus especially at secondary
education and inertially institution, and Luganda language programs on
Radio Uganda.
The Lganda books on syllabus for O and A levels like Waggumbulizi and
Amannya Amaganda n'ennono zaago by M.B. Nsimbi were indoctrinating
them on kabakaship as a traditional institution and it is rare to find
a former Luganda students without sympathy with institutions of
traditional leaders.
Ate Makerere University, where he was lecturer of languages and where
he introduced Luganda, as a subject followee by Runyakitara, Luo and
Ateso, Prof. Walusimbi was the founder patron of Bganda Nkobazambogo
Students Association (BANKOSA) in 1991, and a reporter for Ngabo/The
Star newspapers, l covered its launch at Bamunaanika palace where the
Kiwalabye Males (at least l sat with that one in a bus to Bamunaanika
and on our way back) had their baptism of fire.
On Radio Uganda Luganda programs in eighties, Prof.Walusimbi
influenced so much what Luganda audience contributed to Odoki
Commission, as he zeroed so much on instituions of traditional
instituions and indegenous languages . For exampe, he used to condemn
the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere for killing indegenous languages in
Tanzania in favor of Kiswahili.
l first saw Walusimbi in SV in 1986 during a Luganda seminar at Kololo
High School and he was frequent almost in all Luganda seminars.
When l joined journalism, l found him Chairperson of Nangabo Sub
County, and a Councillor at Mpigi District Resistance Council. When
New Vision launched Bukedde, as a Luganda daily, Prof. Walusimbi was
not only a contributor up to today, but we started the paper with some
of his former students like Ssaalongo Andrew Kaggwa, Ssaalongo
Kirabira and Margret Nankinga.
One of his former students, and a journalist formerly working with
Bukedde, Brnabas Yiga, said that Prof. Walusimbi believed in herbal
medicine and wanted people to eat food raw if hygienic and hated
pealing food as one looses nutrition from the cover.
Tonight, from 8.00 to 09.00 pm, l shall be on Radio Kaboozi, and l
shall pay tribute to him.
The other main topic on Radio Kaboozi is why dialogue which has made
an impact in Kenya, is not applicable in Uganda? Then the aftermath of
Kayihura and Tmukunde fall. Jine bye election, stay tuned.

1Ahmed Musaazi
Ahmed Musaazi

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