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{UAH} Freed colonel’s son narrates ordeal

Freed colonel's son narrates ordeal

Freed colonel son narrates ordeal

Free. Mr Denis Alyenyo. COURTESY PHOTO  


The son of a senior officer in Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) has been released by his suspected kidnappers 10 days later.

Mr Denis Alyenyo, an IT expert in the Ministry of Defence and a son of Col Dr Francis Ongia, the Chairperson Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) in Amolator District, was kidnapped on March 29, by unknown people from his home in Magamaga, Mayuge District, on the Jinja-Iganga Highway.
The suspected kidnappers demanded a ransom of Shs15m.

Deputy police spokesman Patrick Onyango said Mr Alyenyo appeared at Kira Police Division on Sunday at 6am and told police officers that he had been dumped on the Northern Bypass.
"He is fine. He has recorded his statement and detectives are analysing it," Mr Onyango said yesterday.

Mr Alyenyo reportedly told detectives that the kidnappers apprehended and blindfolded him before he was dragged in a motor vehicle whose number plate he did not memorise.
"He said he was taken to a house and he was forced to pass on the telephone contacts of his parents. They demanded a ransom of Shs15m. But as negotiations were ongoing, they demanded that the victim's father sends Shs3.8m for upkeep, which was delivered," Mr Onyango said.

The victim told police that during his captivity, he was fed on beans and cassava.
However, the victim's father has not been forthcoming on paying the ransom. Instead, he passed on the information to the security agencies that have been tracking the suspects in vain.

Col Ongia said: "I last communicated to my son's kidnappers last Thursday. They rang saying their phone was going to be off for the next three days and that they were aware I was tracking them."
Yesterday morning, Mr Alyenyo said his kidnappers blindfolded him and forced him in a car.

The last prayer
"After driving for some time, they stopped and removed me as I was blindfolded. They ordered me to walk for a few minutes. They then told me to kneel and pray my last prayer before they kill me," Mr Alyenyo told the police.
He told police that when he was done with the prayer, he could not hear any action against him.

Mr Onyango said he told the police that when he removed the cloth that had been used to blindfold him and did not see anyone.
"He said it was at that time that he took off and reported to police," he said.
However, Col Dr Ongia dismissed reports of giving money to kidnappers as "baseless and insensitive to me and my family".


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