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{UAH} I Will Arrest Kayibanda Myself- Besigye.

Mr Besigye says he will arrest Rwandan outlaw Kayibanda Museveni himself one day when the tables turn. I will go further than Mr Besigye. I am prepared to accompany the blood-soaked grim-reaper to the gallows and pull the ropes myself. Although I will derive no pleasure whatsoever  from this supreme act of moral cleansing, I  will however shed no tears whatsoever for bringing the notorious hangman to justice. Kayibanda will sooner rather than latter be forced to account for his crimes and atrocities. He must have no illusions about this.


Mr M7 Should Be Arrested,I will One Time Arrest him Myself-Dr Besigye
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While appearing on the spot show on NTV in an exclusive interview, Dr Besigye told the show host Mr Patrick Kamara that Mr M7 should be arrested.

"Mr M7 should be arrested, he has stolen all the money,the money belonging to Ugandans.Mr M7 will be arrested and I will one time arrest him myself." Dr Besigye said.

The former presidential candidate said that Mr M7 destroyed the country's Economy,destroyed the cooperative societies and Uganda commercial bank.

"How can you say that you are going to revive Uganda Airlines after 30 years,how can you say you want to even revive cooperatives? After 30 years,Mr M7 is responsible for the poverty in this country." Mr Besigye said.

Dr Besigye also said that M7 is responsible for the corruption in this country, the reason why citizens are over taxed and the proceedings are just taken by M7's relatives with impunity and he keeps watching as the country continues to sink in poverty.

"What is happening in Uganda is an organised crime,it is no longer corruption,these people are stealing with impunity and to me that is a crime" Besigye said.

Dr Besigye said that he will contain with defiance until the country is freed.

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