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I would not leave any young girl near this Olara Otunnu after dark. Remember this is the guy who in 1976, as a young UPC Makerere University student, hid himself from the public for weeks and then fled the country for no apparent reason except just to go and live in luxury in America for free on their hefty asylum financial benefits. And to the delight of the international "Fake news" media, Otunnu himself had written to the world saying: "A brilliant and promising student called Olara Otunnu has been brutally murdered by a savage Amin."
So to see him still alive today in 2018 with his now bloated stomach (probably green house/sulphuric gases caused by climate change), this can therefore only be a walking dead Otunnu zombie. Transforming by nightfall to lead the ghostly uprising of his dead Obote II regime colleagues and his barbaric UNLA henchmen. Surviving on the lively souls of todays unsuspecting young "slay queens", right?

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