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Gwokto, Frank Mujabi

Here is how to spot Fake News. You can also use this to check out the sources or authors of  plagiarised stories or those  posted without attribution. Abbey semuwemba's administrators and even people like Afuwa have become notorious for posting articles without giving sources, leading to the false impression that they are the authors. I have an app used mainly by publishers and academic institutions that can check out plagiarism- all you need is to copy and paste a page, and it will trace its source, if it has been pinched from elsewhere. There is nothing wrong with copying other's works, but it is wrong and unethical not to attribute or acknowldege the author or newspaper/publisher.. Besides, knowing who an author is will enable the reader to put the views being expressed in context. if it is Edward irundrua who is an author, I will know immediately it is nonsense and will not pay much attention to it. But if Mahmood Mandani's name is given as an author of an article, I will struggle to read through it to the end. These days, it is possible to find an article floating on several Facebook groups being claimed by 10 or more people.- Ugandans are the most notorious for this unethical behaviour.


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Denise Cataudella


A great tool for navigating fraud on social media.

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