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SV: {UAH} Pay Mothers a monthly wage

Mw. BWANIKA and UAH folks,
You have always been giving out some writings and, or given out some very wonderful proposals, but I honestly must unfortunately state that such good ideas and intentions you are proposing shall not be accepted because we Ugandans are our own enemies! We do cry when political tragedies have put its heavy foot on our own necks due to our dubiously standards of feel good when our own fellow Ugandans are suffering heavy injustices.
YES, under such perilous standards, we enjoyed when a certain politics was put to correct such dubious feel good doctrine under the 1966 populism politics hence adhoc political crisis which sank the whole Uganda political ship. But, the same folks those cried on top of lungs had conveniently blinded their eyes and became deaf those could not hear the cries of the folks of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom they helped the Colonial British Alien to destroy.
SORRY, pathetically, the likes of MUJABI and cahoots would start running with the songs of ' Hoo Buganda and Baganda hatreds – Hoo Ocaya the killer' meanwhile forgetting how the blood soaked signatures of the pre – 1900 Agreement was done between Baganda and the British Aliens. Brutally, it had been the very political foundation of the continuous political chaos in Uganda which the likes of MUJABI and cahoots are calling a fake entity! FAKE entity, because the other ethnic and, or native folks wanted to be party to this infamous fake entity which MUJABI and cahoots wanted and still want to claim its ownerships with the feet of MUJABI and cahoots on necks!
Clearly, I think until the MUJABI and cahoots stop claiming ownership of this infamous FAKE entity and the whole natives of this FAKE entity are accepted to start building this FAKE entity collectively without FEAR but with HOPES, I feel your good proposals and ideas Mw. BWANIKA will continue to fell on the political rock!
Mzee Ocaya pOcure

Den fredag, 10 augusti 2018 8:31 skrev Dan Bwanika <>:

Given all mother a month wage of shs 350000 UG tax free  @UgoUganda

High malnutrition worries authorities #MonitorUpdates
… …

för 1 timme sedan

Tax payers money being spalshed on politcians welfare should be given
to mothers as a monthly income/wage

Well we do not get ashamed of anything so long as the politicians are well feed!


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