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{UAH} EU seeks answers over wave of activist arrests in Saudi Arabia amid Canada row

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The EU finally crawls out of its bunker to give very lukewarm support to Mr Justin Trudeau, the juvenile Prime Minister of Canada. It has taken more than a week for them  to issue this statement in support of an ally, since which time  Mr Tudeau has been been trapped in an excruciating headlock by Saudi Arabia, supported by the Arab League and the muslim countries,  as it bullies Canada and whips her arse red. 

Trudeu mada the biggest mistake of his political life by picking on the enslavement of women as his subject of ctitiscsm of Saudi Arabia. He could have picked on any number of matters that are wrong in this fascist state, include the genocide it is carrying out against the Yemenis and nothing would have come of it. The Saudis would have just laughed it off and continued as if nothing has happened. But he chose the wrong subject- the enslavement of women. This is a holy cow for muslims, and muslim country will allow this subject to be raised. They are prepared to go to war against anyone who even merely suggests that women are equal to men, and should be free. To ask a muslim man to end the enslavement of women is the same as asking him to cut off his penis and use it to smoke a cigar.. 


The European Union has asked Saudi Arabia to provide details on the arrests and charges facing women human rights activists detained in a recent crackdown on dissent in the country.

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