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{UAH} Mishandled Extradition Request Leads to a Convicted Sex Offender Walking Free in Canada

Mishandled Extradition Request Leads to a Convicted Sex Offender Walking Free in Canada

After the man was charged and convicted in Texas, he fled to Quebec.2 min


A convicted sex offender from Texas who illegally crossed into Canada has had an extradition request on him dismissed by a Quebec Superior Court.

On February 23, Adesanya Prince pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in the United States and was out on bond, awaiting his sentencing on May 10.

Prince fled to Canada before his sentencing through the Roxham Road border crossing, where Quebec and New York meet. He was later arrested by the RCMP.

U.S. officials were then informed that Prince fled to Canada and launched formal extradition proceedings. On August 2, Justice Daniel Royer ruled that the record of the filed case was "not admissible or reliable."

He was released from custody after the August 2 hearing and will remain in Canada for now.

Prince Sent Child Porn Videos to a Colleague

The Nigeria-born man but was living in Houston in May 2017 when he was arrested and charged with possession and promotion of child pornography.

According to court documents, Prince sent a co-worker three videos from his cell phone in January 2017. One of the videos showed disturbing scenes of child sexual assault.

When he pled guilty on February 23, Prince also signed documents that put him on the sex offender registry. By law, he was not allowed to leave Houston.

Terms of the Extradition Request Unclear

Judge Royer identified various problems with the paperwork from the U.S.

According to Royer, the extradition documents were based on a request to return Prince to the U.S. for prosecution instead of sentencing.

The wording is bizarre because Prince had already pled guilty to his crimes on February 23. Royer said he could not extradite Prince to be prosecuted for a crime that he had already been convicted of.

The state of Texas was seeking the provisional arrest of Mr.Prince in order to impose his sentence. But in its extradition request, the state alleges that he is wanted for prosecution. Clearly, there is a contradiction in the writing.

Furthermore, Judge Royer said there was "insufficient" evidence in the extradition request to even suggest that Prince committed a crime.

The U.S. never established that Prince actually viewed the pornographic videos, which Prince claimed were sent to him by a friend before he forwarded it on.

"The inference that he knew that one of the three videos was child pornography and that he knowingly distributed them is too great a leap and not a reasonable inference without anything more in the record of the case," Royer wrote.

What Happens to Prince Now?

Prince has since been released from custody until further notice.

"The United States subsequently submitted a new request for his provisional arrest," a spokesperson for the Federal Department of Justice said.

The result of a poorly handled extradition request by the U.S. has allowed a convicted sex offender to walk free.

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