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{UAH} Report: French intelligence helped Museveni escape assassination plot

Report: French intelligence helped Museveni escape assassination plot

Museveni after alighting from a UPDF chopper

A French newsletter La Lettre de l'Océan Indien [Indian Ocean Newsletter] says French intelligence foiled a plot by a neighbouring country's president to shoot at Ugandan president's plane.

In June this year, Uganda's social media critic, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga aka TVO, claimed intel about how President Museveni survived an attack.

"The Ugandan illegitimate ruler, Yoweri Museveni was to be killed on June 1st 2018, if it was not for the intervention of the French intelligence services, that informed him of the plot," TVO wrote.

He said "Museveni's plane was to be shot down on that day as he approached the airport in Bujumbura, to attend the 20th COMESA meeting. The Burundian rebels who were to carry out the attack operate just across the airport, and had acquired surface to air missiles capable of bringing down Museveni's plane, and the plot was unearthed by French intelligence, who informed Museveni, and this led to the cancellation of the COMESA meeting in Bujumbura, at the last minute after the other leaders in the region, also decided to stay away, after Museveni informed them of the French intel. The meeting has now been moved to Lusaka in July, on a date not yet announced".

Newsletter alleges the same

The newsletter La Lettre de l'Océan Indien says it was the French intelligence that foiled the plot to eliminate Museveni.

The Indian Ocean Newsletter covers the political and economic news of African countries in the Indian Ocean region without compromise (English edition).

In May this year, it reported that Museveni had shored up his defences against Rwanda President Paul Kagame following the tensions between Kigali and Kampala.

On every front, Kigali is conspiring with countries in the region to destabilise Kampala, the newsletter wrote.

It connected it to the stoning to death of another Ugandan intelligence agent, allegedly by Rwandan operatives.

On July 27, 2018, the newsletter wrote an article titled: "France lends a helping hand to the Ugandan intelligence services", saying "in the face of Rwandan threats to destabilise Uganda, France gives Museveni a tip or two."

It alleged that France was trying to prevent Rwanda from destabilising Uganda.

A lot of bad blood has been ongoing following arrests of Rwandan operatives in Uganda who were working with corrupt cops to kidnap or kill refugees.

A story of President Museveni allegedly plotting to overthrow Kagame saw Red Pepper [Ugandan tabloid] directors spend reasonable time in Luzira prison.

The newsletter further says Rwanda has been pouring agents in western Uganda while others suggest UPDF had deployed Mountain Warfare Brigade soldiers from Mt Rwenzori to secure the borders.

African Intelligence, a magazine that focuses on Great Lakes Region, says the alleged plot to kill Museveni in Burundi was orchestrated by rebels loyal to Kagame.

India Ocean news seemed to agree with TVO on the fact that COMESA Summit was held on July 18 in Lusaka yet it was initially scheduled to take place in Bujumbura from 1 to 10 June.

It said Museveni cancelled his trip to Burundi after the DGSE (France's external intelligence agency) informed him that there was the threat of an attack against his plane.

French Intelligence had gathered that rebels had obtained the flight schedule for the presidential plane and were planning to hit it with a missile strike.

"Although the French president Emmanuel Macron met his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame in Paris on 23 May to mark a thawing of diplomatic relations, the tone was rather more glacial in late June when the Rwandan Minister of Defence, Gen James Kabarebe, gave a speech to a select gathering of bigwigs from the ruling RPF," the newsletter reported.

It said General James Kabarebe (born 1959), a Rwandan military officer who has served as the Rwandan Minister of Defence since April 2010, used the opportunity to criticise France for its support for Uganda.

Kabarebe accused the French of helping the UPDF to train a mountain division as part of its cooperation accord with Museveni's government.

Rwandan police dismiss claim of rebel incursions

Reuters reported on July 20, 2018 that Rwandan police had denied that a militant group that says it aims to topple President Kagame was behind attacks along the country's southern border with Burundi.

In June, unidentified assailants attacked and killed two people in the southern area of Nyabimata, where authorities said two similar attacks took place in July.

Callixte Nsabimana Sankara, a spokesman for a new political party calling itself Rwanda Movement for Democratic Change (MRCD), said in South Africa that it had started an armed struggle to oust long-serving Kagame.

Sankara is an ex-member of exiled opposition group Rwanda National Congress, founded by former Kagame aides who fell out with him.

The MRCD said on Sunday its military wing had been fighting with the Rwandan army in Nyungwe forest for a month and claimed responsibility for the attacks.

But residents told Reuters the army had beefed up security in the area.

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