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{UAH} Venture Podium at the UNAA Seattle Convention

10th Annual Uganda/North America Trade and Investments Expo

at the

30th Annual UNAA Convention

Seattle, WA

Friday August 31, 2018

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


UNAA is pleased to introduce a new feature at the annual trade and investments forum – the VENTURE PODIUM. 




At what was then called the “Business and Entrepreneurship Workshop” held during the 2004 UNAA Convention in Seattle, attendees were challenged to form an investment group.  This challenge raised $80,000.00 with which the group bought a building in Kampala from which they very happily derive rental income to this day.


In response to a presentation on IT opportunities at the 2009 UNAA convention in Chicago, a Los Angeles based engineering firm entered into an agreement with a local Ugandan company for the provision of technical support services.  Today this Ugandan company provides about $250,000 worth of technical support services annually to several clients in the US.


In response to a presentation by the Chancellor of Gulu University at the 2011 UNAA Convention, an attendee from Canada built 2 student hostels units near the campus and is enjoying very profitable returns.


These are just some of the more visible outcomes of past workshops at UNAA conventions.


But it is important to put this new VENTURE PODIUM feature in perspective.  The business outcomes highlighted above were the result of individuals taking the independent initiative to act in response to information presented in the forums.  The Chancellor of Gulu University came to the convention and made a presentation on a specific business opportunity.  An attendee was attracted by the opportunity and acted upon it.


So the VENTURE PODIUM will be a period of time that has been set aside in the afternoon session of the UNAA Trade and Investments Forum where attendees who wish will be given an opportunity to stand in front of the entire gathering and pitch their ideas in search of investors, partners or merely to solicit feedback on a potential project or venture already underway. 



It is important to note that this will not be a contest with a pot of money on the line for the winners.  This will be a time set aside for people to present their ideas or projects to a gathering of people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds including government officials (from both Uganda and North America), existing business owners, other entrepreneurs, academicians, and others.  Any of these could become investors, partners or active advisors in any of the projects presented and presenters will have an opportunity to further network during a reception to be held after the forum and throughout the rest of the convention.


So anyone who would like to make a presentation in this session should send an email with a summary of their project to  Projects can be in Uganda or anywhere in North America.  Presenters can also come from Uganda or North America.


So join us in Seattle this coming Labor Day weekend for the inaugural Venture Podium that will be held during the 10th Annual Trade and Investments Forum at the UNAA Convention.


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