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Young Bobi Wine has succeeded to be an excellent Parliamentarian and a keen lover of his constituents. He has helped settle so many quarrels including acute land wrangles and has participated in founding many on-spot projects that have continued to win him the very much needed people's confidence.This is a Parliamentarian who can sweep any given constituency in Buganda and win with an overwhelming majority! No single NRM candidate can beat Bobi Wine in any area of Buganda! He's like some of those brilliant DP gurus whom no NRM fellow can challenge in Buganda, and eventually in Uganda.
Bobi Wine is a young man who has quickly known the value of investing galores of respect in all cross sections of society in the country. He has succeeded to sell his personality by identifying with some of the greatest impeccable personalities in the country including great religious leaders and eminent politicians.And has succeeded to endear this humble but very intelligent personality to the masses in many areas of the country, and a few months back to diaspora in UK and USA. And he has a character of a very serious-minded statesman who has made it to the top through hardship and is resolved to help others pull up from the bottom. He's a man of resolution and complete full determination.
How Uganda is very proud of such people who humble themselves before their fellow nationals in order to serve them with entire full satisfaction. It's this type of attitude that people saw in political personalities of the type of Norbert Mao, for example, and decided to back them. Uganda shouldn't lose touch with such principled politicians who work in the interest of all citizens. I'm proud of Ugandans because they have now showed the world that they no longer long for archaism and dullness but for modernism in all its full sense of modernity as a motor-nerve that excites democracy, transparency, and a commitment to fight all the very dirty silly ills expressed through corruption, tribalism, nepotism, etc.. Types of a determined Bobi Wine with all their intellectual energy are now answering present to help Uganda get in a right direction after decades of decadent NRM rule. The concluded DP reunion intended to reconcile party ranks and UYD, an event which took place several weeks ago was graced with the presence of DP President General,his predecessor Dr P.K. Ssemogerere and an important array of political figures including Bobi Wine (whose presence was seen as a very commendable move), further showed how a reconciled DP in opening avenues of political contact with notable Ugandan political personalities can achieve much in political advancement towards the entire political rehabilitation of the country. Bobi Wine calculated and impressed the DP leaders and their thousands of supporters. He had several weeks earlier on attended a series of political rallies in the West side by side with Hon Dr Kizza Besigye. He hasn't been noticed within the NRM ranks, and this for good reasons. Social media messages show many NRMs, mainly the youth, in very friendly encounters with Bobi Wine who has got to be careful with the old foggies of the ruling party already blamed for having ignored the youth! They have failed to fight and put an end to corruption, a thing which has eaten away the entire future of the young generation! And Bobi Wine, mandated by much of the international opinion, just on the day he won the Kyadondo East Parliamentary seat, as a person who will do much in advancing the interests of the abandoned youth in Uganda, has a duty to avoid anything that would dissuade him from sticking to such a noble  mission. And definitely however he's determined to move forward without fearing anything. He has already advised the Musevenis to give room to the young generation so that they play safely their role in advancing the country. The young generation has cause to participate more and more in the political life of the country. They are the ones who will cause unemployment to decay. They will chase away corruption, tribalism, nepotism, etc...And especially they will be the core energy in the repayment of the numerous debts the country owes to regional and international actors on Uganda. To pay off these debts Uganda will largely depend on the sweat of today's youth! All financial mismanagement, bad economic planning, embezzlement of funds thru corruption, etc.. are the things Uganda is now putting on the head of our present-day youth who will be burdened with this load which is naturally very difficult to carry. Bobi Wine and other foresighted politicians like Norbert Mao and other responsible authorities are right to insist on the importance of the youth to engage strongly and very actively in politics. It's their politics for their future Uganda, a mother country which will very badly need them to place it on the right track. We might all agree that the ruling generation has had its time and has nowhere to take the country! Change in favour of a youthful appeal is now the right solution for the country and its very many problems! There is indeed need for change, and any meaningful change will come about by openly involving those statesmen who aspire for the betterment of our society. Mention them and you won't fail to get Bobi Wine among them. And it's indeed naturally these neo-political gurus, with all the influence they have within and outside the country, that the people will soon look to for a co-ordinated workable solution that will gather them as a single political entity to lead Ugandans to better days. Common action as the world witnessed on the TOGIKWATAKO impact which very literally overthrew NRM is the action the world is going to back in order to save the country. TOGIKWATAKO proved to the world how Ugandans do have real political energy to effect change and to appeal to new horizons for leadership. And Uganda has indeed very many intelligent leaders to handle very successfully its destiny! And Bobi Wine is part of these neo-political gurus whose opinions carry a lot of clout with them.Many of us have admired the way he has on several occasions come forward to grace and fully participate in those very original occasions organized by DP's Mao. Bobi Wine's approach to such programmes is both very original and patriotic. No one can claim to be wise by avoiding to show respect to an old political institution like DP, a party which, in spite of the many hardships it has gone through, still stands very firm and unshakeable as a leader institution whose vision goes far beyond the simple present! Bobi Wine and Mao now hold that great card which will pull together all Ugandans for a common political action to pave the way for an incoming venerable Uganda.Both men have strong bases and are now an envy to many. NRM will find it very difficult to defeat these TOGIKWATAKO  politicians whose action has already enervated Museveni and group who now openly show how their NRM MPs are at the mercy of army and security forces for protection. These are MPs who have so far been there for two years already but are claiming for the extension of their mandate because the five years they have aren't enough to do anything substantial....! And one of them was quoted saying that so far they had done nothing since they were voted there! He's right! The only thing they have done is to fight for the removal of presidential age limits from the constitution. As if they went there to fight for Museveni's wishes and their personal privileges! And look at all the money they have squandered on the projects. And where is now their action for the ordinary masses among whom our youth who represent the 80% of the population ? And, as we've observed,  it's these  young people whom the future will ask to pay back all the monies NRM has borrowed from foreign banks, etc...and much of which has been put to personal use and pure party political interest!
If the international press was unanimous in saluting Bobi Wine's parliamentary election, one of the many reasons given was his attachment to the destiny of the youth and the marginalized. In any future government resulting from the wishes of the masses, Bobi Wine won't fail to get a substantial mandate to promote the interests of these down-trodden citizens.who have lost the energy and ability to fight back! However political heroes like Norbert Mao and others have often stood firm and leapt to their defence. We've witnessed this on several occasions! And recently there was that great legal fight on presidential age limits and heroic citizens almost went through with their petition which was blessed by the very exceptionally heroic judgement by a brave justice whose ruling will be the only one retained and wholly accepted by the entire global community. Heroes are wanted everywhere and they have never been absent in Uganda!
Now what if, for example, in the case of Bobi Wine or any other heroic person from the opposition, is mandated to stand for the supreme office in the land? No problem! Any person proposed by his party or his fellow citizens to stand for presidency must, through obedience, accept the proposal or give it a considerable approach with a sensible opinion on it. If political groups, for example, opt for Bobi Wine, there is no reason why he can't stand! He can't be ruled out because of his young age when Africa now wants a new breed of youngish leaders to take over from the old and politically senile ageing generation that has lost momentum and vision on many aspects. At the next presidential poll Bobi Wine will be 39, at that age the Great Benedicto Kiwanuka, Apollo Milton Obote, Julius Nyerere, etc.. were already at the helm of national governments. And one French paper,speaking about Bobi Wine's possible intention to stand in 2021,even observed he will definitely be 39, the age at which Macron was elected President of France! So, the question of age is totally out! Would his background as a ghetto boy from the slums of Kamwokya also matter? No! Because it's looked at as symbolical to a heroism which would give hope to the millions of the abandoned! Would Bobi Wine be able to defeat Museveni? Besigye states he can't and gives some sound reasons why. But Bobi Wine is a different approach far from being a Besigye! He has mastered that art of holding to resolution as a way to achieve personal evolution and revolution. His struggle from nowhere to a celestial somewhere has made him a model to many including some international circles.His effort to identify with some national elders and many serious-minded politicians including  those in the clean DP is a credit that portends big things ahead. He has his approach to NRM, notably the youth who all take him for one of their number! And on one occasion batches of NRM youths gifted him with lots of presents.And he has never dented the nature of any political party or group. He's just simply a young patriot ready to team with anybody who would derive satisfaction from his opinion. And it's his privilege to listen whether to his constituents or to any other fellow Ugandans.Of course, like any other Ugandan, he well understood Besigye's point on why a Bobi Wine can't defeat Museveni. But in politics there is also variance in style,courage, risk, and chance to crown an effort. Did anyone ever know that one day Norbert Mao and team would invent the  tingatinga rolling TOGIKWATAKO and that its effects could go viral both inside and outside the country and to end up by making Museveni and others ( including friends abroad ) look weakened and marginalized, if not virtually politically finished? And Bobi Wine, a TOGIKWATAKO fellow, is one of those who have been jubilantly thrilled on the crest of the waves by the political enthusiasm and all the positive side effects the great earth-quaking slogan has created in the land! To risk and to venture into the unknown  is what will surprise Museveni and group just as the TOGIKWATAKO  has ventured to prove to them that the exit really exists and it's an open door for everyone!

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