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On 22nd January 1973, a shoot out between Uganda police and a gang of criminals occurred at this house in Mbale, Eastern Uganda. In the three months leading to this incident, nine Amin government officials had mysteriously disappeared. This included President Idi Amin's Chief Justice Benedicto Kiwanuka on 22nd September 1972. Followed a week later by the abduction of Amin's Governor of the Bank of Uganda Joseph Mubiru. Then Amin's Vice Chancellor of Makerere University Mr. Frank Kalimuzo, and then some of the famous 51 Milton Obote political detainees also disapoeared. Senior elite citizens like Basil Bataringaya, John Kalema and even Jolly Joe, all whom had been released by President Idi Amin in a huge public ceremony in March 1971, right after he took over power from Obote, and exactly two years before the shooting incident at this house.
While the Amin government had always said that the mysterious abductions of his senior officials was the work of a disgruntled Milton Obote and his followers whom Amin had deposed, the British government, their allies, their international media and the British-funded human rights organizations, all also disgruntled by the expulsion by President Idi Amin of British colonialists and their British Asian cronies from Uganda just four months prior to this incident, the UK retaliated by orchestrating the actually empty accusation that Amin was killing his own government officials. They added that he was a "blood thirsty murderer", even "a cannibal who had eaten his own children", accusations that President Amin simply dismissed as "British propaganda".
Meanwhile, Uganda police had been busy investigating the mysterious disappearances when they got an intelligence tip-off that the kidnappers they were looking for were going to meet at this house in Mbale. When police arrived, they indeed caught the gang red-handed plotting their next abduction. In resisting arrest, the gang pulled out their weapons and a shoot out ensued.
By the time it had ended, three of the criminals were dead at the very front door entrance, one police officer injured, while a fourth criminal escaped.
The house was the residence of the infamous FRONASA "Kondo" called Maumbe Mukhwana who died in the shootout. That is his poor widow and surviving family at the front door of the house. The gang leader who escaped was Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni (in yellow). Though he fled, he was also injured in his left arm which to this day remains partially disabled (notice that he always walks with his left arm positioned like how ladies carry a handbag).
This picture was taken a month ago as Mr. Tibuhaburwa revisited that very house on November 29th 2020.
Surprisingly, he sometimes also takes time to visit the families of the disappeared Amin government officials and even attends their national memorials. While it might be off to anyone else to meet the widows and orphans of the plots they made at this residence, he is possibly comforted when they instead thank him for government handouts.
However it is ridiculous, possibly madness, for one to first mourn the disappearance of Ben Kiwanuka every September, then celebrate the Maluku escape of his kidnapper in January.
The Amin history is actually very simple: What led Uganda police to this house back in 1973? Whom did police find plotting the kidnap of Amin officials here? And right after the mysterious disappearance of Ben Kiwanuka, Frank Kalimuzo, Basil Bataringaya and others in the three months leading to this incident, who was the gang planning to murder next when they were discovered in this hideout on January 22nd 1973?
Additionally, in his book 'The Guardian Angel', Mr. Arnold Bisaase who was with the group in Daresalaam hatching these abduction missions, narrated how they drafted a hitlist of amin government officials and elites that they would assassinate once the group infiltrated in Uganda. That list was found at the house in Maluku estate after the shoot out.
These compelling questions were answered during the 1974 Commission of Inquiry, and it was the same questions that the late Janan Luwum was asking again in 1976, just before he was also caught red-handed with weapons smuggled into the country to actually commit more of what he was pretending to inquire about. Had Luwum's plot not been uncovered, Milton Obote's revenge slaughter/genocide against Baganda would have started in 1976 instead of later in 1980, and all of President Idi Amin's disgruntled enemies mentioned above would have also made the additional false accusation that it was him, Idi Amin, murdering the Baganda as well as his own government. Unfortunately for them the Luwum plot failed, and that Obote revenge against Buganda would only start once Amin was already enjoying his peaceful, God-sent retirement in the beautiful Red Sea port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. A genocide that was orchestrated and perpetrated by both Mr. Obote and Mr. Tibuhaburwa, the lone escapee of Muluka housing estate 9 years earlier. The 1980's Buganda bloodbath was only first exposed by the American Embassy in Uganda in 1982 (a whole two years after the mass massacres of Baganda and Rwandese refugees in Uganda had already began). A mammoth killing field never seen before or since in Uganda's history, only equalled in scale by the heinous 1994 Rwanda genocide, yet to this day it somehow stands understated on the sidelines of World history, and contemporary African history simply as "The Luweero bush war".
Meanwhile for the last 40 years the Ugandan media has been asking Amin the whereabouts of the remains of Ben Kiwanuka, yet the only survivor of the Maluku estate gang walks smilingly and unquestioned in their midst to this day.

Signed: Mr. Hussein Lumumba Amin
Kampala, Uganda.

- It took 40 years before an eye witness came forward with a factual account of the incident. However they were not in a position to understand what had led the Amin government investigation to this particular house:

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  1. With all due respect. Mr Amin, you are doing apologetics for your murderous father but that man killed over 500,000 Ugandans and he is one of the worst dictators this world ever had.



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