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{UAH} China to take over Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport for default on debt repayment.



And this is the very danger of failing to isolate these debts from Uganda the state.  I have screaming for years that Uganda population must state very clearly to the loaners of Museveni, that they are not loaning the state. I have asked members in this very forum for ion years, to state that we are not going to pay any one lending to Museveni. Instead Ugandans have used the forum to discuss how women cut off the dicks of men, and sing for an expired Dr Kiiza Besigye. The borrowing system of Museveni has not bothered them a single bit.


News flash, China gave Museveni about 200 million US dollars for this project, way back, it is not hard to pay that loan back except one problem, you as Ugandans have not been controlling Entebbe airport, Rwandans like Allan Barigye have been controlling it, and milking all the money to their private accounts. Now when China asks for repayment it is going to ask you and your children to pay up. Not the Rwandans like Allan Barigye. What else did they borrow on? How much is owed? Do you even have a clue? All that is going to be your personal responsibility, your children responsibility,  for you sat in UAH discussing the 1995 constitution and calling that discussion of major importance.


Again the reason Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce stalled in growth is because they lent money to Mexico. Mexicans loudly stated that the government they have is corrupt and if you lend it money you lend it at your own peril, what a powerful statement  it would have been had Dr Kiiza Besigye on one of his speeches made that statement in United State or in Beijing? No you all dropped it and he dropped it and you both built a slogan of Museveni is the problem of Uganda, and Besigye the King maker. When the government of Mexico fell CIBC went back to collect and the new government said nope we owe you nothing, go to those you gave the money and collect.


Ugandans are in UAH discussing how two women can marry one man. It is going to catch up with you it is only when. Stupidity always catches up.  Firkin always. Roads are going to go, firkin hospitals are going to go, Mosques and Churches are going to go, the damage Rwandans like Allan Barigye have done to your country, when  you are watching is going to leave you firkin homeless. And do you know how it will reach your home? Guess who lends money to the back you borrow from, it is Mother China.


And you will call and I will not respond.


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China to take over Uganda's Entebbe International Airport for default on debt repayment.

More of our national assets are at stake of seizure because of the unrealistic and endless borrowing of despot Museveni which has mountained our public debt to UGX65 trillion.

Our loan agreements are signed by the worst and inept negotiators hired on basis of nepotism not competency.


"When a man is stung by a bee, he doesn't set off to destroy all beehives"

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