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Brothers and sisters, l am grateful to relatives, friends and in laws
that came for prayer for my late paternal uncle, prince Ediriisa
jjuuko, of Nnambiriizi in Mawogola County/ Ssembabule district, which
was held at our ancestral home at Mbaale Kitaasa in Bukomansimbi
district yesterday Sunday May 7th 2017. May the Almighty Allah reward
you abundantly.
On that ocassion, we announced that in addition to land we donated in
1963 for the construction of a mosque and a school at Nnambiriizi, we
have done the same at Mbaale Kitaasa.
l can now report that Mbaale Kitaasa and Bukomansimbi generally, is
relatively peaceful.
Secondly, today morning Monday May 8th 2017 from 8.30.00 am to 9.00
am, l and John Simbwa, former MP Makindye West, have been on BBS
Telefayina Eyaffe, where the subject matter has been peace and
security and we all agreed that if Gen. Kale Kayihura was reappointed,
he should ensure that he filled security gaps.
Some of which are obvious like nepotism/ cronyism, where almost all
DPC in Buganda Region, originate from one locality. People should not
see police as "their government) police." They should see it as "our
(people's) police." That is the real community policing. This should
be reflected in terms of recruitment and training, and also deployment
and promotion.
Then, police should not be over funded at the expense of other
security agencies, which do similar work, like Internal Security
Organisation under Ministry of Security.
One wonders why police posts were removed from Ssembabule District,
LDUs were disarmed, then anonymous leaflets circulated and some people
were cut to death or injured.
Over to you brothers and sisters. Good day.

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