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April 4, 2018
The East End's Last Shuls

Amy Schreibman Walter

This area was once the center of London's Jewish community, boasting almost 200 synagogues. Just four remain today. But don't count them out quite yet.

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Europe / Armin Rosen

A Stranger in Poland

Marian Turski, a 91-year-old Polish Auschwitz survivor, on the new anti-Semitism, the moral force of lived experience, and the lingering power of humiliation

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Smallimage Bibi Has No Backbone

Netanyahu's shameful performance on asylum seekers is just the latest episode in an ugly pattern

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Smallimage Questioning Bobby Fischer

ESPN's Jeremy Schaap reported many difficult stories, but his interview with the anti-Semitic chess great is the one he'll never forget

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Smallimage The Best Quinoa Dishes for Passover

Avoid matzoh-filled monotony with the kosher for Passover superfood

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