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{UAH} Fwd: Teaching Hebrew in Saudi Arabia; translating the French WWII epic ‘The Kites’; how to turn matzo into candy; more

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Martha Stewart's matzo s'mores
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April 2, 2018
Teaching Hebrew in Saudi Arabia

Elhanan Miller

Hebrew studies are now legitimate in the desert kingdom, but demand is low—so far

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Book Reviews / Alexander Aciman

Romain Gary's 'The Kites' Is the Best 'Masterpiece Theater' TV Series You'll Ever Read

Bookworm: A new first translation of the French writer's wartime epic

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Food / Leah Koenig

A Passover Miracle: Turning Matzo Into Candy

The bread of affliction never tasted so good, thanks to Marcy Goldman's recipe for caramel-covered buttercrunch

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Smallimage This Week in Gal Gadot: Dude Stole My Look!

It's Wonder Woman versus Deadpool

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Smallimage Martha Stewart's Recipe for Matzo S'mores

The queen of Christmas crafting tries out a haimish Passover snack

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Smallimage It Oughta Be Kosher!

This Passover, help yourself to some cookie dough

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