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I am hoping to attend the royal wedding in May between Meghan and Prince Harry. I am at a loss whether to adorn African attire (Nigerian), the full Acholi regalia with chicken feather headgear and paps Leopard skin for the loin or simply, a humble suit and a tie. I was hoping for a private invite, but I have settled for the national one instead.

The one problem I will have, is transport and accommodation. The distance between Newcastle and Reading; where the castle Windsor or marriage is situated, is a bit like going from Kitgum to Bushenyi. Reminds me of the Ayuuu AyuuuPC days, now that I mention Bushenyi. The travel cost depends on the mode of transport and not free like the Ayuuu AyuuuuPC days. I could have used the plane but due to finance, I have settled for the bus or coach like its referred to here. The journey from New Castle, may take me approx seven hours, which is ok and manageable since the coaches are real comfortable with power to recharge my phone etc. A far cry from those ricketty Express buses plying the Kampala Gulu-Lira road.  

My other problem is accommodation. I wonder whether there is any Ugandan resident around Reading or near Windsor to put up a Royal wedding guest, overnight. I could consider London as well but its pretty difficult to navigate when one is tired and in the night. On the other hand, if anybody is travelling, and needs a good but suited company, please let me know so we can hinge up.

I am looking forward to the wedding and I am hoping that no funeral comes before it to ruin it all for me. Otherwise, let me take the op to wish the couple a wonderful wedding and thank them for the invite. 

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