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{UAH} Museveni Appoints Sister Dr Kajubiri Deputy Chairperson Education Service Commission

Museveni Appoints Sister Dr Kajubiri Deputy Chairperson Education Service Commission

President Museveni has nominated Dr Violet Kajubiri as the deputy chairperson Education Service commission under the ministry of education and sports headed by first lady Janet Kataha Museveni.

Kajubiri is scheduled to meet the parliament's appointments committee for interaction and vetting on April 12 at 10am according to clerk to parliament.


In his book, Sowing the Mustard Seed (Revised edition, Page 3), President Museveni says Kajubiri was born in 1949.

"We do not know the actual day or month but we are sure of the year because when she was born, the Anglican Church was celebrating 50 years of being in Uganda and she was named Violet Kajubiri, meaning born around the jubilee…"

While eulogizing his mother, who died in 2001, President Museveni said Kajubiri was struck by polio in 1955. As such his father was unenthusiastic about taking her to school reasoning that it was bad investment. The burden fell on the shoulders of the mother, who believed in education of the girl child and as such, solely saw Kajubiri through school.


Kajubiri holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Makerere University, which she obtained in the early seventies. She also holds a concurrent diploma in Education majoring in biology and chemistry also from Makerere University.

While working at Makerere University as a special assistant in the department of zoology, Kajubiri got a scholarship from Germany where she went to Hohenheim University for her master's and PhD in zoology.

Since then, she has lived in Uganda and Germany, where she is also citizen. In her book, My Life's Journey, Janet Museveni, says Kajubiri was married to German national Hilmer Froelich and the couple has four children.


According to the ESC website, Kajubiri worked as a consultant for the state of Lower Saxony (Germany) on Education and Development from 2008 to 2009. In 2005, she was a member of the visitation committee that Museveni appointed to inquire into all public universities.

The committee produced a report in 2007 that recommended reforms but they were never implemented. In 2001, Kajubiri was also a consultant for Protestant Development Aid in Germany, where she worked until 2004.

Other organizations where she has worked include the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Kajubiri has also been a member of different boards in Uganda and in Germany.

Among them are; National Environment Management Authority (Nema), Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF-Int) and Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Uwec), among others.

President Museveni also nominated former deputy attorney general Fredrick Ruhindi and Rusoke Busingye as commissioners at Human rights commission.

He also nominated Justice Ralpha Ochan as chairman public service commission, Hilda Musubira as his deputy while Winnie Musoke Kabogoza and Hajjat Jamilah Kamulegeya, Ida Kagaba Tarinyaba,Francis Oryang Lagony, Mukibi Benigina,Johnson Bitarabeho and Laban Nini Kirya are board members.

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