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{UAH} Did Ugandan dictator Idi Amin actually eat people?

Did Ugandan dictator Idi Amin actually eat people?

I have known for a while that Idi Amin was one of the worst dictators in Africa and possibly the world. But about a month ago I was talking to a my friend from Nigeria and my other friend from South Africa who told me that in addition to ethnic cleansing, draconian rule, and the destruction of Uganda's economy Idi Amin was also a cannibal. I search on the internet and found a lot of conflicting results, so was most likely a rumor or was there a good chance that he did actually engage in cannibalism

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Kyemba, Amin's minister of health said "On several occasions when I was minister of health, Amin insisted on being left alone with his victims' bodies. There is of course no evidence of what he does in private, but it is universally believed in Uganda that he engages in blood rituals" Kyemba also said that on several occasions he heard Amin boast about eating human flesh.

Source: 'The State of Africa' by Martin Meredith

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Amin is a fascinating figure. On some levels he showed leadership, insight and considerable savvy, but on some levels he was random, stupid and brutal. Reading his story, it's not really hard to believe that his critics would falsely call him a cannibal but at the same time he'd probably do anything if he felt it would put his rivals off balance.

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I wish I could spend a day in certain people's brains just to experience how they operated. It would be fascinating and this guy is on my list now. I need to get some books now.

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The romanian defector Pacepa, in an interview or in one of his books recounted that the romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu visited the Centrafrican Republic dictator and gave him a present in the form of a wife. Some time later the wife was eaten so I wouldn't be surprised.

I'm recounting this from memory and maybe google may come up with some more relevant details.

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/r/askhistorians wouls also be a good place to ask

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I have seen pretty convincing evidence that in certain parts of Africa people (usually 'soldiers' of one sort or another) are still engaging in Cannibalism - IMO indications are that it is a means of intimidation (often cloaked under the guise of 'magic').

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Your friend probably confused Idi Amin with the Centrafrican dictator Jean-Bédel Bokassa, who was indeed accused of cannibalism in court which he had to face after being ousted. The charge could not be reasonably proved and had to be dropped, though Bokassa was found guilty of less exotic crimes, viz. treason, murder, embezzlement, and so forth.

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I'd like to know as well--he's just one of those people who might have actually done it, he was that fucked up.

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Not exactly related, but yesterday I learned the most prolific cannibal is Ratu Udre Udre. He ate at least 870 people.

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