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{UAH} Gen Kasirye Gwanga shoots down another lorry

By Ssemusambwa A. Kaggwa | August 13, 2019   

Maj. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga has shot a lorry carrying logs of trees at Kajogi, Manyi sub county in Mityana district.

Lorry registration number UAW 232K box body was loaded with logs of (criptus) trees from Manyi heading to Kampala.

Gen. Kasirye said that he can not accept those who destroyed natural forests with good tree spices and plant (Cryptus) trees to harvest them.

"They destroyed our Natural forests. Cut them down, now they can not harvest these trees. Never!" Gen. Kasirye said.

"I have to fight for our environment. No body can stop me am a general. Today I have shot tyres next time I will be on target." He added.

Mityana residents have supported the act of Gen. Kasirye Gwanga saying that those who are growing trees on National Forest Reserve land are coming from outside their district.

An eye witness told The Whisper Eye that Gen. Kasirye came driving his car with AK47 gun which he used to shoot the lorry.

Uganda People's Defense Force (UPDF) spokesperson Brig. Richard Karemire said that Gen. Kasirye Gwanga retired from the force on 4th July, 2018.

Karemire advised the owners of the lorry to report the case to Mityana police which is responsible.

Wamala region police spokesperson Ochom Norbert said there is any reported case over the incident.

Our reporter visited the scene today and the lorry was taken, hopefully by the owners

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